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Scanning Process

We are always happy to work with new clients. Our workflow for our scanning process for each client is generally similar but will vary dependent on the client’s needs.  Fine art reproduction begins with a quality scan & color matching.  Read through this summary of the main steps to get a feel for the scanning process with Vongsouvan Fine Arts:

  • Call our studio with basic questions or meet with our staff in studio to discuss options for your artwork reproduction (scanning & resolution, proofing, prints & media).
  • Bring artwork in to Vongsouvan’s studio. Consider removing frames and mats for optimal scanning.
  • We scan artwork, small and large, with our Cruse Scanner. The artwork is placed face-up on a scanner bed. Lights and the CCD capture device are on an overhead arm above the scanner bed so the scanning of the artwork is contact free from scanning device.
  • Once the scan is complete the resulting file is uploaded to our computer work station where we use color calibrated monitors to examine the file and compare it to the artwork which is placed in a special light booth.
  • We apply basic color matching to the file so that the resulting file/image is a visually close match to the artwork.
  • We save tif and jpeg files of the artwork on a CD for the client.
  • We contact the client to pick up their CD and artwork!


  • If a client wants a proof print, we will first color correct the image on the computer and then make a print on paper. We compare the print to the original artwork in the light booth or under daylight. If adjustments are needed, we make adjustments on the computer and another print is made for a final proof for the client to view.
  • Our client is invited to the studio to view the proof and designate changes if necessary.
  • If client designates further adjustments, we do another round of proofing and printing for a small additional charge.
  • After the client approves the proof, a disc is made with the final image file and, if prints have been ordered by the client, prints are printed.
  • The client comes to our studio to pick up their original artwork, prints, and disc with digital images.

Visit the Scanning and Fine Art Prints pages for prices on scanning, proofs, and printing: Cruse ScannerFine Art Prints, Prices


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