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Cruse Scanner

Vongsouvan Fine Arts’ Cruse Scanner was specifically built for capturing fine art. The exceptional quality of the Cruse is inherent with the German-engineering of the linear CCD and strictly controlled lighting. Cruse Scanners have been chosen for some of the world’s finest art and archival institutions such as the J. Paul Getty Museum, NASA, the Smithsonian and national archives around the world.

Benefits of Cruse Scanning

  • first generation digital scan
  • touch-free scanning of artwork and other originals that may be delicate
  • scanning of artwork that has a depth up to 4”
  • special light modes to accurately capture the surface texture, color and subtle nuances of original artwork
  • fixed overhead light source illuminates the art evenly, eliminating dark corners and surface glare often seen in photographic process
  • scanner bed holds artwork up to 46” x 70”
  • artwork up to 46” x 70” scanned seamlessly without multiple scans & stitching of images
  • artwork larger than 46” x 70” can be scanned as well (ask for details and pricing)
  • scans of artwork framed and under glass
  • resolution of scanner goes up to 600 ppi for artwork up to 24” x 30”

File Delivery

Each artwork scan will result in delivery of 3 files:

  • full size TIF file
  • 20 MB TIF file for promotional printing use (if full size file is more than 20 MB)
  • 1 MB jpeg file for web or email use

Color corrections are minimal and based on an overall visual match of the art to our computer screen. Digital files of high-resolution scans are delivered on a disc or on a customer’s portable hard drive or flash/usb drive.

Retouching or adjustments of images, such as for artwork edges that have been damaged, can be retouched digitally for a fee. See Digital Editing Services.

Read more about our scanning and proofing process on the Scanning Process summary.  For estimates of scanning fees, view our Prices.

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